House Parties

The 1- 5 day price shown is for up to a five day period and is the lowest price for any time period for 5 days or less.  i.e.: - for 1 hour or 5 days the base price is the lowest rental rate.  Click on the next rental time period for pricing for 2, 3 or 4 weeks.  For extended time rentals over 1 month please email or call for quote.

  • ECO UV Bar ECO UV Bar

    Blacklight Eco UV Bar LED - ADJ

    The Best Blacklight You will Ever See! The ECO UV Bar from American DJ is an LED Black light that emits no heat and outshines any other UV light you have ever seen before.    RENT ANY 10 LIGHTS OR MORE (MIX QUANTITIES) OF ANY...

    $60.00 $45.00
  • Fun Factor Fun Factor

    Fun Factor LED - ADJ

    The American DJ Fun Factor LED is a 2-FX-IN-1 DMX LED Moonflower + Strobe Lighting effect with 5 lenses and 4 strobe strips. It features red, blue, green and white LEDs. This effect offers small clubs, bands, roller rinks and mobile entertainers the...

  • H2O Light H2O DMX IR - 80 Watt Water Effect - ADJ

    H2O DMX IR - 80 Watt Water Effect - ADJ

    • Bright 80W LED source simulated water flowing effect • Designed to project on walls, ceilings or floors with or without fog –   great for mood or background lighting • 3 DMX Channels (Dimming, Glass Wheel, Colors) • 3...

  • Mister Kool Fogger Mister Kool Low Lying Fogger

    Low-Lying Fog Machine: Mister Kool - Small

    Create the look of floating on clouds with the Mr Kool Low Lying Fog Machine. Just add ice into the front bin and hit go. The Mister Kool Fog Machine produces a thick fog that holds tight to the ground. Perfect for Halloween, Weddings, New Years and Kool...

  • 120" Yard Master Projection Screen Projection Screen 120" (Diagonal) - Front

    Projection Screen 120" (Diagonal) - Front

    120-inch (Diagonal) - 16:9 Aspect Ratio (Widescreen), Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Front Projection Screen Easy set up and our most, light weight, compact screen for transport - it all fits into a 12" x 8" x 3' bag.

  • 120" Yard Master Projection Screen Rear Projection 120" Yard Master Projection Screen

    Projection Screen 120" (Diagonal) - Rear Projection

    120-inch (Diagonal) - 16:9 Aspect Ratio (Widescreen), Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Rear Projection Screen Put the projector our of site and behind the screen! Easy set up and our most, light weight, compact screen for transport - it all fits into a 12"...

  • Quad Phase HP Quad Phase HP - ADJ

    Quad Phase HP - ADJ

    The Quad Phase HP also offers all the latest features sought after in special effects lights such as: DMX-512 for programming or linking capabilities, exciting built-in sound active programs, no duty cycle (run all night), a long life, high output LED...

  • Radius Radius 2.0

    Radius 2.0

    Create overlapping, multi-colored rings of light with Radius™ 2.0. Powered by 3W RGBWA LEDs, this fixture offers variable strobe in any color combination and features a variable-speed motor to control back-and-forth motion. Built-in automated and...

  • DF-V9 Small Fog Machine

    Small Fog Machine

     Comes will a full tank of fog fluid.   Starlite Rental Rates:   1 day rate for 1 to 5 day period 2 day rate for 6 to 10 day period 3 day rate for a 11 to 15 day period 4 day rate...

  • Rent a Sound System in Calgary | Starlite Alto Live Cut Sheet

    Sound System #3

    Throwing an event for 150 people? Or just need a sound system where you can feel the bass? This package is for you. Our Sound System Packages are designed to provide you with the best possible audio quality for your event, wedding, DJ job, or dance...

    $175.00 $135.00
  • The Starlite Party Animal Package

    The Party Animal House Party Package

    Everything you need for your next house party or small school dance! This Package Includes: 2 x 12" EV Powered Speakers 2 x Speaker Stands Wired Microphone 8-Channel PA Mixer Gig Bar 2.0 with Stand Small Fog Machine All Cords and...

    $255.00 $190.00
  • ADJ XS600 XS600 - ADJ Mini Moving Head

    XS600 - ADJ Mini Moving Head

    The ADJ XS 600 is a new revolution in moving lights. It features dual axis heads and has continuous 360 degree rotation in both directions. The XS 600 utilizes 6 x 10-Watt LED that project sharp beams of light. Its compact size and lightweight makes it...

  • Z350 Fazer Z350 Fazer in Action

    Z350 FAZER - Antari

    Looking to fill a room with just enough fog to see the beams of light? Check out the Antari Z-350 Fazer. This machine combines Antari's experience in creating fog machines with the simplicity of a hazer to create the perfect Special FX solution. Run All...