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Bring Out the Idols!  Karaoke reveals your hidden talents.  Let the professionals set you up with the best equipment and song selections/libraries to jump start the party.  **Please Note:  -  all Karaoke rentals must be paid in advance.  Please call prior to reserving to confirm availability and provide a M/C or Visa at that time.  Due to limited numbers reserving at your earliest convenience is advised.  The 1- 5 day price shown is for up to a five day period and is the lowest price for any time period for 5 days or less.  i.e.: - for 1 hour or 5 days the base price is the lowest rental rate.  Click on the next rental time period for pricing for 2, 3 or 4 weeks.  For extended time rentals over 1 month please email or call for quote.

    Download a Digital Copy of the Karaoke Lists:

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