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Choir & Hanging Microphones

 Choir/Hanging/Condensor Microphones are used for large groups of actors/choir singers etc. They can be mounted on a long carbon fiber boom or hung from above. 

The 1- 5 day price shown is for up to a five day rental period and is the lowest price for any time period for 5 days or less.   i.e.: - for 1 hour or for 5 days the base price is the same (as shown) and is Starlite's lowest rental rate.  For rentals over 1 month please email or call for quote. 

  • U853R Audio Technica Condenser Microphone Hanging Condenser Microphone

    Hanging Condenser Microphone - Audio Technica U853R

    Perfect for speech, theater, orchestra and choir sound reinforcement and recording, the U853R cardioid condenser hanging microphone is equipped with UniGuard® innovations that offer unsurpassed immunity from radio frequency interference. With a...

  • Audio Technica Pro 45 Mic Hanging Cardiod Condenser Mic

    PRO 45 - Hanging Cardiod Condeser Microphone

    With robust construction and unobtrusive appearance, the PRO 45 offers versatile sound-reinforcement solutions for speech, theater, orchestra and choir sound reinforcement and recording. The microphones’ high-SPL handling is perfect for suspension...

  • Microphone Boom Condenser

    Boom Microphone - Condenser Mic

    Miniaturized high output condenser microphone for distance miking. RFI Immunity. The M1255B is a miniaturized condenser microphone with a fully integrated preamp and detachable cable. This mic is designed with a very high sensitivity for distance miking...

    $75.00 $40.00