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Fog Machines, Dry Icers, & Fazers

Rent the best in Antari Fog Machines, Le Maitre Dry Icers, and Low Lying Fog Machines. Each rental includes a full tank of fog fluid, so you can start the party right away. 

The 1- 5 day price shown is for up to a five day rental period and is the lowest price for any time period for 5 days or less.   i.e.: - for 1 hour or for 5 days the base price is the same (as shown) and is Starlite's lowest rental rate.  For rentals over 1 month please email or call for quote. 

  • DF-V9 Small Fog Machine

    Small Fog Machine

     Comes will a full tank of fog fluid.   Starlite Rental Rates:   1 day rate for 1 to 5 day period 2 day rate for 6 to 10 day period 3 day rate for a 11 to 15 day period 5 Day rate for a 16...

  • Antari Z1000ii Fog Machine Antari Fogger

    Medium Fog Machine

    The Antari Z1000 Fog Machine is a 1000 Watt Fogger that has enough power to fill a small gymnasium smoke or fog. It comes fully loaded with a full tank of fog fluid that will last for a couple days. Specifications from the Manufacturer: » Power :...

  • Z350 Fazer Z350 Fazer in Action

    Z350 FAZER - Antari

    Looking to fill a room with just enough fog to see the beams of light? Check out the Antari Z-350 Fazer. This machine combines Antari's experience in creating fog machines with the simplicity of a hazer to create the perfect Special FX solution. Run All...

  • Mister Kool Fogger Mister Kool Low Lying Fogger

    Low-Lying Fog Machine: Mister Kool - Small

    Create the look of floating on clouds with the Mr Kool Low Lying Fog Machine. Just add ice into the front bin and hit go. The Mister Kool Fog Machine produces a thick fog that holds tight to the ground. Perfect for Halloween, Weddings, New Years and Kool...

  • Fog Machine - Large

    Fog Machine - Large

    Our Large Fog Machines are big enough to fill any venue! This fogger is 1200 watts, are are perfect for adding a special effect to your next event! Starlite Rental Rates:   1 day rate for 1 to 5 day period 2 day rate for 6 to...

  • Fog Fury Jett Fog Fury Jett

    Fog Fury Jett

    700W professional DMX vertical fog machine with 12x 3-watt LEDs high performance pump for optimum output ADJ's electronic Thermo sensing (ETS) technology Special heating element design that uses an oil type transmission pipeline system to minimize the...

  • Rent a Hazer in Calgary

    Haze Generator - Antari HZ-350 Oil Based

    HZ-350, a brand new haze machine from Antari with not only the reliable quality as a tradition but also new charming features!With the innovative LCD control panel built in the machine, now you can master this classic haze machine without effort at all...

  • Extra Large Fog Machine - 1500 Extra Large Fog Machine - 1500

    Extra Large Fog Machine - 1500

    Antari proposes to you the Z-1500II, the rigorous research and development resulting stability, durability, and reliability. When it comes to ultimate performance and precision control, the Z-1500II will suit virtually any applications.   These...

  • Fog Machine ICE Large Low Lying Just add Ice

    Low-Lying Fog Machine: Antari ICE-101 - Large

    LOW LYING FOG MACHINE - ANTARI "ICE" ICE-101 Ice fog machine, as it name suggests, produces beautiful floor-hugging dry ice fog effect by simply adding regular ice cubes. Without the inconvenience of dry ice or the potential health hazards caused by...