How Our Rentals Work:

The rental rates shown on each item are for up to a 5 day period and that 5 day period is offered at the sole discretion of Starlite. For example: - should you require the equipment for a weekend, this allows you to come in and pick up your reserved equipment on Thursday, and not have to return until the following Tuesday. Some holidays and events may affect this policy, however, and Starlite reserves the right to limit or change the 5 day maximum at any time.

Regardless of whether you require the equipment for only 5 minutes or the full five nights the same rate applies. Should you require a longer time period, please call and we will adjust your return date and price accordingly.

  • Checking out on our website: NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. The Check Out process only involves providing basic information such as address & phone number, selecting in-store pick up or Starlite Delivery, and then agreeing to our rental terms. No Payment or Credit Card is needed until you pick up your gear.

  • Paying with Paypal: All rentals can be paid in advance by PayPal. To do this choose the "Check Out With Paypal" option. To pay in store, select the "Proceed To Checkout" option.