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School Dance

This page contains recommended products to help turn your next school dance into the talk of the town!

The 1- 5 day price shown is for up to a five day period and is the lowest price for any time period for 5 days or less.  i.e.: - for 1 hour or 5 days the base price is the lowest rental rate.  Click on the next rental time period for pricing for 2, 3 or 4 weeks.  For extended time rentals over 1 month please email or call for quote.

  • ADJ Bubble Blast Machine - Large ADJ Bubble Blast Machine - Large

    ADJ Bubble Blast Machine - Large

     *** Please Note: - bubble machines are not recommended for use on a hardwood floors - the residue creates a very slippery surface within minutes! *** Description: Make your next even the bubbliest show around with the Bubble Blast Dual Fan...

  • Starlite UV Glow Party Package ADJ Eco UV Bar

    Blacklight - UV Party Lighting Package

    Rent Four of our ECO UV Bars and Save!   This is the ultimate Glow Party Package. The blacklights provided are enough to fill a small gymnasium, or place one in each room of the house to get that UV Glow.   RENT ANY 10 LIGHTS OR...

    $180.00 $155.00
  • ECO UV Bar ECO UV Bar

    Blacklight Eco UV Bar LED - ADJ

    The Best Blacklight You will Ever See! The ECO UV Bar from American DJ is an LED Black light that emits no heat and outshines any other UV light you have ever seen before.    RENT ANY 10 LIGHTS OR MORE (MIX QUANTITIES) OF ANY...

    $60.00 $45.00
  • Deluge Water Effect - 50 W LED

    Deluge Water Effect - 50 W LED

    -  Multi-Colour Water Effect - Bright 50W LED Creates a Stunning Waterfall effect over any surface. - Perfect for Parties or Accent Lighting    The 1- 5 day price shown is for up to a five day period and is the lowest price for...

  • Fog Machine - Large

    Fog Machine - Large

    Our Large Fog Machines are big enough to fill any venue! This fogger is 1200 watts, are are perfect for adding a special effect to your next event! Starlite Rental Rates:   1 day rate for 1 to 5 day period 2 day rate for 6 to...

  • Rent Chauvet Freedom Stick - Starlite Rentals

    Freedom Stick Pack - Chauvet

    This package includes 4 x LED Freedom Sticks from Chauvet. These fixtures can be set to any colour, change to the beat of the music, or display mesmerizing programs that connect all four of the fixtures wireless. Package includes: 4 x Freedom Sticks 4 x...

  • Chauvet GigBar 2 Chauvet GigBar 2

    GigBAR 2 | 4-in-1 Lighting System /w Stand

    STARLITE's NO. 1 DANCE LIGHT The only thing better than a Gig Bar, is two Gig Bars. This light is hands down the best in DJ & Party Lighting. Simple Set-up: simply place it on the included stand and plug it in! The sound active mode on this light...

  • H2O Light H2O DMX IR - 80 Watt Water Effect - ADJ

    H2O DMX IR - 80 Watt Water Effect - ADJ

    • Bright 80W LED source simulated water flowing effect • Designed to project on walls, ceilings or floors with or without fog –   great for mood or background lighting • 3 DMX Channels (Dimming, Glass Wheel, Colors) • 3...

  • Rent a Hazer in Calgary

    Haze Generator - Antari HZ-350 Oil Based

    HZ-350, a brand new haze machine from Antari with not only the reliable quality as a tradition but also new charming features!With the innovative LCD control panel built in the machine, now you can master this classic haze machine without effort at all...

  • Intimidator Spot 350 Intimidator Spot 350 - LED Moving Head -  Chauvet

    Intimidator Spot 350 - LED Moving Head - Chauvet

    Turn your next event into a Professional Production!  Add these super bright and super awesome moving heads to your next dance or party to blow your guests away! Feature packed, 75 W LED moving head spot Motorized focus allows the rotating gobos...

    $75.00 $60.00
  • FS4 Green Blue Laser - FS4 GB Green Blue Starfield - CR TEC

    Laser - FS4 GB Green Blue Starfield - CR TEC

    This Laser Produces a stunning starfield of Green and Blue lines that cut through fog and fill any room with mesmerizing patterns 50mW Green + 300mW Blue Double burst, Double wheel High speed step motor & grating scan Super very wide scanned angle...

  • Fog Machine ICE Large Low Lying Just add Ice

    Low-Lying Fog Machine: Antari ICE-101 - Large

    LOW LYING FOG MACHINE - ANTARI "ICE" ICE-101 Ice fog machine, as it name suggests, produces beautiful floor-hugging dry ice fog effect by simply adding regular ice cubes. Without the inconvenience of dry ice or the potential health hazards caused by...

  • Yorkville PSA-1 Paraline Rental Yorkville PSA-1 Paraline Rental

    Paraline PSA1 - 700w Powered Speaker

    Looking to power a small concert or large party? The Yorkville Paraline PSA-1 provide 700 watts of power through four 6-inch and two 1-inch drivers. These Ultra High Performance PA Speakers can be rigged into a line array and stacked two per stand.  

  • Power-N Laser

    Power-N Laser

    LASER POWER-N, with new 3D effects & other multi-effects, is impacting the traditional laser. It combines 8 different laser effects in one unit. 480Mw-RGB: 100W Red + 80mW Green + 300mW Blue Laser color: 7-RGB 8x Effects: Laser 3D / Scan beam /...

  • Quad Phase HP Quad Phase HP - ADJ

    Quad Phase HP - ADJ

    The Quad Phase HP also offers all the latest features sought after in special effects lights such as: DMX-512 for programming or linking capabilities, exciting built-in sound active programs, no duty cycle (run all night), a long life, high output LED...

  • Radius Radius 2.0

    Radius 2.0

    Create overlapping, multi-colored rings of light with Radius™ 2.0. Powered by 3W RGBWA LEDs, this fixture offers variable strobe in any color combination and features a variable-speed motor to control back-and-forth motion. Built-in automated and...

  • Rent a DJ Sound System in Calgary

    Sound System #4

    Throwing an event for 200 people? Or just need a sound system where you can feel the bass? This package is for you. Our Sound System Packages are designed to provide you with the best possible audio quality for your event, wedding, DJ job, or dance...

    $220.00 $195.00